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Environment China is a weekly bilingual podcast from the Beijing Energy Network. The show features conversations with advocates, entrepreneurs, and experts working in the environmental field in China.  We are looking to learn how they do their work, what new strategies and solutions they have found, and why now is the right time for real and positive changes in China’s environmental field.

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Jul 9, 2022

可持续女性系列第二期 - Eco Buyer创始人思晴


第二期播客系列我们邀请到了”一棵Eco Buyer“的联合创始人思晴。Eco buyer是一家关心身体健康、动物福祉和地球环境的纯素、纯净美妆和植物基美食的集合店。店里只提供和推荐不含动物成分、不做动物测试的可持续纯素产品。我们在节目中将探讨:

  • Eco Buyer的成立契机
  • 两位创始人的日常
  • 赛道转型:专攻纯素化妆品和植物基美食
  • Eco Buyer到底是怎么赚钱的


You've likely heard there are more and more women in environmental and sustainability circles, which is indeed the case! This is the topic of Environment China's podcast series, Women in Sustainability, where we talk with unique and interesting experiences and stories of women across the sustainability field, and what's new in their industries.

For the second podcast in the series, we invited Si Qing, co-founder of Eco Buyer. Eco Buyer is a collection of vegan, pure beauty and plant-based food that cares about health, animal welfare and the planet. The store only offers and recommends sustainable vegan products that are free of animal ingredients and not tested on animals. In the show we will explore:

  • The establishment of Eco Buyer
  • The daily life of the two founders
  • Track transformation: specializing in vegan cosmetics and plant-based cuisine
  • How exactly does Eco Buyer make money?

At the end of the show, the two hosts and our guest discuss their experiences of being eco-friendly human beings, as well as their podcast production experience as the hosts of three different podcasts.